Americans are Outraged

 Americans are Outraged and Rightfully So

Don’t give up – your outrage is our hope for the future.

 The New York Times just confirmed what I warned of in July. The Presidential election has outraged the American electorate. According to the NYT/CBS News Poll just released, 80 percent of voters are “repulsed” by the 2016 election campaign. You can read the article here. But don’t give up; your outrage is our hope for the future.

You should be outraged. You were told it’s the fault of Russians, white supremacists, hispanic criminals and black thugs, transsexual bathrooms and billionaires buying your country. Hackers and “shadow-government” coups are the cause. You heard the republican elites who caused the Mideast chaos and the 2008 economic collapse declare support to a democratic regime which has been compared to a political “Corleone Family.” The Congress acts like they haven’t been in office for the last two decades as the left and right media covers up, misdirects, and excuses both candidates newest outrage perpetuated or discovered, while pundits ignore the real issues and don’t question the candidates soundbites. Americans are told “it’s the lesser of two evils” or to “be submissive and thankful for what you have,” while our citizens die in foreign lands, our economy continues to worsen, our national infrastructure continues to collapse, and all Americans are drained of their wealth to feed an inept political system and a bloated government bureaucracy at the federal, state, and local level proven incapable of solving a single issue threatening our nation’s future. Outraged? As I said in Resurrection – Americans Awaken: “Good. I have found you.”

Regardless of your political persuasion, complexion, gender, or lifestyle, if you believe any of the soundbites, excuses or outright lies of the above, I suggest you read the true reason for your outrage here. Want to understand the economic damage the political establishment is allowing? See: Free Trade? You can learn the truth of our current healthcare fiasco here and why there is no investment in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure at: Congress: Fund Our Real National Priorities.  You might then understand why no mainstream media are discussing these issues.

In 1926, an obscure high school teacher, Oswald Spengler, published Decline of the West. He provided five predictions for the future. The political elite of the time ignored and denigrated this nobody’s predictions. Over the last ninety years four predictions have materialized. We today are witnessing his fifth and final prediction. But today’s political elite still refuse to acknowledge them. Ask yourself why. Some other questions to consider: You’re told corporations are buying our government, but who’s selling it to them?  Could Ms. Clinton have won against any candidate but Mr. Trump? If not, why did the republican elite hand him the nomination then attack him?  You may be shocked at your own answer. As I said in Resurrection: An American Journey, I don’t ask you to trust me, I ask only that you trust yourself.

The solutions to every major economic, foreign policy, and societal issue our nation is confronted with today are out there, yet the bureaucracy and the Congress cry there’s nothing they can do. Citizens must awaken to the false choices and personal agendas the political establishment is handing us. We must become aware of the issues at their core. What has happened to our government? Read Chapter Three of Resurrection: An American Journey.  Don’t trust me? – read Modern Times, by Paul Johnson (1991). Want to know what happened to our economic system and the next collapse coming? Read Chapter Five. Don’t believe me? – read 13 Bankers by Simon Johnson and James Kwak (2010). Think our economic system is sustainable under current Congressional and business elites mismanagement? Read Chapter Eighteen. Too unbelievable? – read Running on Empty by Peter G. Peterson (2004). Want to understand the reality of clichés the foreign policy “experts” like to throw around like –boots on the ground? Then read Chapter Twenty Three, and if you don’t trust me here, I only hope you never have to learn.

Real American voices are out there today providing anyone listening a different view. A few I’ve recently discovered: Chelvis Kennerson and Angela Box in Houston on Think America (KTEK 1110 AM), Faune Riggin in St. Louis on the Morning News Watch (KZIM/KSIM) and the nationally syndicated Josh Tolley Show from New York. They don’t focus on entertaining you by screaming the latest outrage. They focus on issues not soundbites. There are alternatives. The choice is yours.

As I stated in July, this election is over. It means four more years of the last two and half decades. Mr. Trump will launch his new TV reality show as Ms. Clinton limps into the White House and Congress prepares for the sequel, “Watergate Hearings II – The Republicans Strike Back.” Buy your tickets early so Congress can continue to ignore their responsibility and their Constitutional duties.  Spengler’s Decline of the West too deep for you? Then remember Bob Dylan’s warning in 1965: “Admit that the waters around you have grown…And you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times they are a changing.” Don’t go back to sleep after the election. Focus your outrage on seeking solutions.

Demand Congress reinstate Glass-Steagall regulations and pass comprehensive campaign finance reform. Demand changes in our nation’s economic, domestic and foreign policies. Demand the end of a bureaucracy operating without responsibility or constraints. Demand Congress address our national priorities, instead of a select elite’s manic drive for – more.

Our nation, filled with the most diverse productive talent in the history of human societies can do better. I believe in the American people and our Constitution. We are better than this, or at least the vast majority of us are. Regardless of left or right, gender, complexion or lifestyle, once all real Americans understand the issues, the solutions become obvious.


Author: WH Wisecarver

Author. USMC & TOPGUN. Senate Leadership Staff & Counsel for SASC. Finance & Merchant Banking. Visit:

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