2016 Election: Now What

American Outrage – Still Making the World Tremble

The American voters just handed the political machines running things since 1994 a shot heard around the world. Ignore the politically correct soundbites. Stay focused on: What Now.


Anyone reading my prior articles know I supported neither candidate and the reasons why. Additionally, I predicted the Democratic machine would limp into the White House with a Republican Congress preparing TV reality show drama “Hearings.” All to provide distraction as the current political-economic system in charge for the last 25 years tightens its noose around our nation. Thank you America for proving me wrong. All Americans may not be politically astute on issues or political machine motivations, but they know when to say — Enough!

Having spent the last 72 hours observing the “expert” opinion of the machine’s pundit networks, I can only suggest you ignore their excuses and obfuscation of their prior attempts to mislead you. Were they blinded by their own rhetoric or purposefully misreading the will of the American voter? I’ll be generous and say I’m unsure, but regardless I am sure their post-election excuses are not the issue:

  • It was not the Russians or WikiLeaks: The pundits focused Americans on the source of the information, but any intelligence analyst knows all sources are suspect. Rather, is it verifiable; does it fit a pattern; compare with past actions, and; does it point to a logical motive? Americans may not all be CIA, but they obviously understand the fundamentals of analysis.
  • It was not rampant racism: The racist fringe is so small a minority that it has no effect on a national election. The voting blocs which put President Obama in office twice rejected or did not support Ms. Clinton. Three of the five states with the largest Hispanic population voted for President-elect Trump. Over 68% of all Americans polled, regardless of party affiliation, believe the country is on the wrong track. A majority of Americans of all complexions said enough pandering — they demanded a change in direction.
  • It was NOT bias against women: The election was not a rejection of having a woman President. It was a repudiation of that woman being President. One need only look at the newly elected congress. Pundits wailing about what to say to their daughters is ludicrous and unflattering to their daughters. We who’ve been at the highest levels of politics, national security, and business know well that women are there and succeeding. It’s not about gender, it’s about the individual. Your daughter’s future is there for her to grasp. In the political sphere, Ms. Kellyanne Conway took a campaign in complete disarray and pulled off the greatest reversal in American electoral history. And as to a woman leader: If an intelligent, talented, tough, successful woman president is wanted, then a public message to Ms. Oprah Winfrey: After 2016, what are you waiting for?

Addressing these political and personal bias’ of pundits, networks, and the party machines the question remains — what is to be done now? The first step is for those who didn’t vote for the President-elect to give the new Administration a chance, and stay focused on the issues.

Recent protests with people screaming “Impeach” and “He’s not my President,” is legally and constitutionally impossible, and, if you are a citizen of the United States, factually incorrect. Anyone who has read my books know that in my view the Millennials now control the nation’s future. They are the ones who elected our next President. He had base support from the rural and rust belt disenfranchised, but the real tipping point came from the under thirty, technologically savvy, socially and economically aware, urban conservatives. Prior generations weren’t so astute.

In 1964, Barry Goldwater was portrayed as a right-wing warmonger and LBJ, an experienced politician of peace, promising more. By mid-1965 we embarked on the greatest American disaster in its history — Vietnam, which almost tore our country apart. The legacy of deficit spending it spawned is still strangling you with debt, making it harder to establish careers and families. On November 8th the Nation rejected a political system that’s been sending Americans to fight unending conflicts that since WW II have been without a Constitutionally mandated Congressional declaration of war. Rejected a system that spent over $160 billion of your tax dollars to spy on you, and made you pay for the gross greed and speculation of the financial elite. Instead of starting fires in the street shouting “Impeach him,” maybe it’s time to put aside campaign hysteria and take a moment to see what the President-elect does.

It’s a perfect opportunity for all Americans to understand what’s happening to our nation and society. The Republicans hold the Executive and Legislative branches. No more excuse of partisanship and no shucking responsibility. If they fail to address the nation’s issues, all Americans will know who to blame.

Two immediate executive decisions the President-elect can make to demonstrate his committment to veterans and the average American, on January 20th:

  • Executive Order #1: Amnesty for repayments of veteran’s legally signed and contractually fulfilled bonuses. Return the funds already collected by the government, the party that illegally reneged.
  • Executive Order #2:  Immediately end the unconstitutional fining of persons unable to afford healthcare insurance, yet not eligible under the Affordable Health Care Act regulations.

These executive orders will quickly show the new President’s sincerity to his commitments. Share this around the internet. America has spoken and taken a chance. Let’s see if the President-elect is going to deliver the change demanded by the American people. Stay focused on the issues. Once you understand them, the solutions become obvious.





Author: WH Wisecarver

Author. USMC & TOPGUN. Senate Leadership Staff & Counsel for SASC. Finance & Merchant Banking. Visit: www.whwisecarver.com

One thought on “2016 Election: Now What”

  1. This article was right on!!! These demonstrations and the media coverage is unAmerican and destructive. Give the new President a chance!!!!! Thank you for the knowledge and thoughts!!!!


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