We Are Stronger Than This

We are Americans

Liberals crying and Conservatives uneasy? Wake up America, we are stronger than this.

Our nation has faced far worse crisis than the 2016 election. The American people have triumphed over far worse situations and foes. Quit crying and don’t go back to sleep, we have work to do. Understand what your pundits, politicos, and “opinion” makers won’t dare tell you. A message for those who understand that today, only in fantasy may one speak truth:

 “I am unsure just what is happening here,” Danner replied, “but it’s going to have consequences.”

Vauner held out his hand, replying, “You’ve earned the right to make that decision. On my word, Kirk, it’ll be your choice.”

“That is the second time I’ve had your word,” Danner replied. “As I warned you the last time, sir, my people are being robbed. They are being driven mad, trying to redefine the indefinable – The power of their own minds! We are children of the Western culture merged with the East – We are Americans! The myths of ghosts from the past are trying to turn them numb, locking their perceptions in the limitations of their egos. Myths which only separate us in meaningless factions – Christian Right and Black Muslim. Black, Brown, Red, Yellow or White. Gay or Straight. Left or Right. What are these THINGS! There are only two races on earth! Two political parties! The haves and the HAVE-NOTS!”

They were suddenly jolted as Danner continued.

“Fear is driving their madness. They have been imprisoned into a system where those with the power can’t or won’t fix it, and those who understand what is necessary have no power. In your effort to protect yourselves, you have made yourselves powerless! The solution to your fear is right in front of you. Open your eyes! Understand the power you have.” Danner’s eyes took fire. “You steal what you are too weak to create! You cry for more, yet never UNDERSTAND!”

“Understand what, Kirk,” Hollis asked.

“It’s not about the 1%, it’s the individuals within it that matters. It’s not about their wealth, it’s what they use it for! The end often does justify the means. But you have forgotten that it’s the END, that matters. It’s the integrity of the GOAL that counts! It’s not about wanting MORE – It’s about what you want more FOR!”

From Resurrection: An American Journey, (© 2016 by WH Wisecarver.  All rights reserved).


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Author: WH Wisecarver

Author. USMC & TOPGUN. Senate Leadership Staff & Counsel for SASC. Finance & Merchant Banking. Visit: www.whwisecarver.com

One thought on “We Are Stronger Than This”

  1. The 99% must be apart of the means in order for it to work. We are being robbed! Profit motivation is unworthy of an advanced civilization if it is only going to the 1% and they don’t know what to do with it. Service motivation curtails inflation to the degree that everyone is working together for the same means to justify the ends. Service motivation to the brotherhood of mankind. All I have to say is, mark my words, it will be done here on Earth the same way it is done in heaven. Or you can just sit back and wait for the next recession or depression and the worst thing you can do would be is to start laying people off of work to justify your ends and not ours, the 99%.


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